A Wedding Reception in the Kyiv Hotel

A wedding is a vivid and beautiful life event; let it be a holiday the memories of which you will keep as a family relic.

Celebrate your wedding night in the atmosphere of luxury, coziness and romance of the restaurant of the Kyiv Hotel Complex.

The diversity of banquet menu and impeccable service guarantee the success of your celebration and will make it unforgettable.

Leave the festive fuss behind and enjoy each other, retiring to a comfortable room provided to you as a gift by the Kyiv Hotel Complex! Only for you, on your wedding day!

The Kyiv Restaurant is an elite place the services of which are used by many successful people: for many years, famous artists, politicians and businessmen have been celebrating weddings here, trusting the high service level, the restaurant’s reputation, and their own experience.

For more information call: (067) 536 03 17,   (044) 253 13 10